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Real-World Evidence Studies

  • Observational Studies: We conduct large-scale observational studies to assess the safety, effectiveness, and comparative outcomes of healthcare interventions in real-world settings. Our team leverages electronic health records, claims databases, and other real-world data sources to generate valuable insights that complement findings from controlled clinical trials.
  • Drug Utilization and Safety Studies: We investigate the patterns of drug utilization and evaluate the safety profiles of medications in diverse patient populations. Our team analyzes real-world data to assess the risks and benefits of drugs under real-world conditions, enabling evidence-based prescribing practices.
  • Health Outcomes Research: We conduct health outcomes research to assess the impact of healthcare interventions on patient outcomes, including clinical outcomes, quality of life, and healthcare resource utilization. Our team employs robust methodologies and advanced statistical analysis to provide valuable insights into treatment effectiveness and cost-effectiveness.
  • Comparative Effectiveness Research: We specialize in comparative effectiveness research, comparing different treatment options to determine the most effective approaches for specific patient populations. Our team uses real-world data to assess the relative benefits, risks, and costs of different interventions, guiding healthcare decision-making.
  • Evidence Generation for Market Access: We generate real-world evidence to support market access and reimbursement decisions. Our team collaborates with payers, regulators, and healthcare technology assessment bodies to generate high-quality evidence that demonstrates the value of healthcare interventions in real-world practice.
  • Patient-Centered Outcomes Research: We prioritize the patient’s perspective in our real-world evidence studies. Our team incorporates patient-reported outcomes, patient preferences, and patient engagement strategies to capture the patient experience and ensure that research outcomes align with patient needs and preferences.
  • Data Management and Analysis: We provide comprehensive data management and analysis services for real-world evidence studies. Our team ensures data quality, performs sophisticated statistical analyses, and generates actionable insights, facilitating evidence-based decision-making and informing future research directions.

At Althian, we understand the importance of real-world evidence in guiding healthcare decisions and improving patient care. Our experienced team is dedicated to conducting rigorous and meaningful real-world evidence studies, contributing to the advancement of medical knowledge and the delivery of personalized healthcare.

Partner with Althian for reliable, efficient, and compliant clinical research services in Mexico. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and start your journey towards successful clinical trials.

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