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Project Management and Monitoring

  • Comprehensive Project Planning: We work closely with our clients to create a comprehensive service plan tailored to their needs. Our Project Managers define key tasks, timelines and deliverables, ensuring effective coordination and communication between all stakeholders.
  • Study Protocol Review: We conduct extensive research on curriculum to ensure that they are scientifically sound and comply with regulatory requirements. Our team identifies potential risks, challenges and optimization opportunities, providing valuable insights for study design and implementation.
  • Site Selection and Feasibility: We assist in the selection of research sites by conducting in-depth research. Our team considers factors such as patient population, infrastructure, regulatory compliance, and logistics capabilities to determine the most suitable study site.
  • Clinical Site Management: We provide full supervision and control of the clinical research site throughout the study. Our on-site team members receive the training, resources and support necessary for a successful study. We encourage effective communication between sponsors, researchers and research teams.
  • Data Collection and Quality Control: We implement a rigorous data collection process and ensure the highest standards of data quality are available. Our team develops comprehensive data collection tools, monitors data collection processes, and conducts regular data audits to ensure accuracy and completeness.
  • Risk Management: We conduct risk assessments and develop risk mitigation plans to minimize potential problems that may affect studies. Our team actively identifies and communicates various risks related to patient recruitment, data integrity, regulatory compliance and study practices, ensuring the smooth progress of the project.
  • Site Monitoring: We regularly conduct on-site monitoring visits to ensure compliance with study protocols, regulatory requirements and Good Clinical Practice (GCP). Our reviewers check data accuracy, monitor site performance, and provide ongoing training and support to researchers and research teams.
  • Progress Reporting: We regularly provide clients with progress reports, keeping them informed of study milestones, enrollment rates, data quality, and anything else that matters. Our team ensures clear and timely communication throughout the project.

At Althian we understand the critical role of site feasibility and patient recruitment planning in the success of clinical trials. Our dedicated team of professionals utilizes industry best practices and innovative strategies to identify suitable sites and implement effective patient recruitment plans.

Partner with Althian for reliable, efficient, and compliant clinical research services in Mexico. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and start your journey towards successful clinical trials.


Clinical Trial Management and Coordination

  • Trial Planning and Design: Our experienced team works closely with investigators to design clinical trial protocols, ensuring adherence to international standards and regulatory requirements. We provide expert guidance in trial planning, including feasibility assessments, sample size determination, and statistical analysis plans.
  • Site Selection: We assist in site selection, evaluation and activation for clinical trials. Our rigorous site qualification process ensures the selection of sites with the necessary infrastructure, patient population and experienced investigators to conduct clinical trials.
  • Participant Recruitment: We employ targeted recruitment strategies to ensure efficient enrollment and retention of study participants. 
  • Clinical Data Management: Our robust data management systems and processes ensure accurate and secure collection, storage and analysis of clinical trial data. 
  • Regulatory Compliance and Ethics: We navigate the complex regulatory landscape of Mexico, ensuring compliance with local and international regulations and guidelines. Our team ensures ethical conduct throughout the trial, including obtaining necessary approvals from regulatory authorities and ethics committees.
  • Project Management and Monitoring: Our experienced project managers oversee all aspects of clinical trial execution, ensuring timelines, budgets, and quality standards are met. We conduct comprehensive monitoring visits to clinical sites, ensuring protocol adherence, data accuracy, and participant safety.

At Althian, we are committed to delivering exceptional clinical trial management and coordination services to advance medical research in Mexico. With our expertise, industry knowledge and regional insights, we provide tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of each study.

Partner with Althian for reliable, efficient, and compliant clinical research services in Mexico. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and start your journey towards successful clinical trials.

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