The potential for lung cancer clinical trials in Mexico

Tabaquism constitutes one of the most serious health problems in the world. It has been designated as the great silence epidemy of the XXth century and it causes approximately six million deaths worldwide per year and the tendency keeps growing.

It is known that the incidence of cancer is related with tobacco consumption and it is endorsed by epidemiological, histological and genetic evidence. In addition to the fact that the 75-80% of human cancers are caused by exposure to chemical carcinogens, more than 4,000 different chemical substances can be found in tobacco’s smoke.

In Mexico, almost 20% of the population above 15 years is actively smoker, and according to the Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía (INEGI), 29 out of 100 people die from tobacco-related diseases, and more specifically there are 58 daily deaths caused by lung cancer which is one of the most common diseases caused by this addiction.

The primary health care service in Mexico (IMSS) offers the same standard chemotherapy to all the people that go looking for a cure to its disease, unfortunately this therapy isn’t always the best option according to the histology and genetic of their cancer. But now, there are many institutes and pharmaceuticals that concerned by this situation are making great efforts to develop new drug therapies that can bring a solution to people that suffer lung cancer.

At Althian, we know how important it is to pharmaceuticals and the society the discovery of novel therapies to treat this disease; this is why we are pleased to participate in new clinical trials that can be helpful to this cause. We are proud to say that we count with many years of experience not only recruiting and selecting subjects carefully but also conducting clinical trials with oncological patients, having excellent protocol compliance and applying GCP’s.