Research in detection of brain tumors

There’s an increase in brain cancer due to the lack of efficient treatments and also the poor diagnosis; both play an important role in the development of the disease. Brain tumors are one of the most diverse tumors because they are challenging in both their biology and pathology. Their pathology is highly advanced in the number and type of mutations which are mainly known to affect the same developmental pathways driving growth of the developing brain. Solid tumors fail because cancer medicines are directed to the wrong type of cells within a heterogeneous tumor population.

Reasons why the importance of looking for new ways to detect the diversity of tumors, can help to develop more specific treatments. Some pharmaceuticals companies are developing new contrast agents that can improve the understanding of the disease’s etiology. In the process, they have to run clinical trials to see the real efficacy in humans. That’s why the sponsors and CROs must look carefully for the best clinical research sites, that can manage not only the correct selection of the subjects, also that they have qualified staff, experts and equipment necessary to run a clinical trial in adequate conditions.

At Althian we have experts highly qualified with IATA and GCP certificates, well organized and with plenty experience managing clinical trials. Also, we have adequate facilities with established procedures for the storage and/or the delivery of samples. Contact us for more information, and we will more than happy to assist you in all the process.