New proposals for oncology treatment: nanomedicine

In recent years, novel therapies for cancer have been proposed. Nanomedicine is the new field that has a novel proposal: drug delivery based on nanostructures. How does this works? Well, based on several features of many solid tumors that have been studied, is how they discovered the well-characterized enhanced permeability and retention effect (EPR); however, this effect has been measured mostly in implanted tumors with limited data on EPR in metastatic lesions. The nanostructure most commonly used clinically to measure permeability and retention noninvasively, is the Dextran-coated iron oxide nanoparticles (25–50 nm).

Oncology is the field in which many investigators are interested, due to the fact that in recent years, it has been seen that previous treatments, such as conventional chemotherapy as well as immunotherapy, have limited responses, leading to lower survival rates in advanced stages of cancer. Due to the fact that it’s really hard to diagnose cancer because it is easily confused with other medical conditions, usually resulting in an increase of people diagnosed with cancer in advanced stages. The patient has several adverse effects when they receive chemotherapy, plus other symptoms associated with the disease, giving as a result poor responses rates to the conventional treatment. This is exemplified by the recent U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) withdrawal of bevacizumab for patients with metastatic breast cancer where impressive tumor responses were seen but bevacizumab showed no improvement in overall survival. That’s why, the drug delivery into specific tumors, can lead to different treatments to a specific population of cancer cells. It is known that many tumors can have different type of cancer cells that can use several ways to obtain energy and survive, making hard the decision about which treatment can be more efficient. Nanostructures are the new promise in the medicine field.

This could result as a really good alternative if it is performed properly. As any other research, we know that once they have shown to be efficient, the next step is to perform trials in humans to know what other impact could have into patient health before it goes to the market.

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