International Clinical Trials’ Day

International Clinical Trials Day is held on 20 May each year since 2005 to commemorate the day that James Lind started his study to determine the cause of scurvy. By dividing 12 sailors into separate groups and testing the effect of providing different treatments to each group, Lind was able to provide evidence of the link between fruit and preventing scurvy. This is the first recorded controlled clinical trial and changed modern medicine. Around the world International Clinical Trials Day is celebrated to raise awareness of the importance of clinical trials and research in healthcare.

Clinical trials are tests in which certain medications or supplements are tested by monitoring the effects among patients who have received the medication, and patients who have received a smaller dose or none at all.

Trials are conducted in a set timeframe, and the patients picked for them are vetted so that the results would be as accurate as possible.

Clinical Trials Day is about raising awareness for these trials, how they save lives, and how important they are to the medical industry and furthering medical research.

How to Observe Clinical Trials Day

Clinical trials are some of the most effective ways of finding out what treatments can help to cure certain illnesses or help to improve certain functions of the body.

Professionals conducting clinical trials are often in need of people to conduct these tests on. They are safe, and often you receive payment, so if you wish to help medical science you could sign up to be included in clinical trials at Althian.

Althian Clinical Research is very happy to celebrate one more year of clinical trials helping people and science, we are sure this day will help to increase awareness of the importance of clinical trials and research in healthcare all around the world.

We also want to take this opportunity to reiterate our commitment with all the sponsors who have trusted us to run their Clinical trials, we’ll keep working harder and preparing to be every day better for you and our patients.