Importance of clinical trials in society today

During this week, we have been remembering the origin of clinical trials due to the International Clinical Trials’ day celebrated on May 20th. Clinical trials are essential in the drug approval process because all the information generated will give healthcare professionals more data for them to accurately prescribe treatment according to patients’ needs. Even though clinical trials have been conducted since a long time ago, in some places, people still think they are being submitted to an experiment, but thankfully, this way of thinking is changing. This is good news for society in general because there are many reasons why clinical trials are helpful. Here are some of them:

  1. Access to new treatments. Clinical trials often offer patients access to treatments that may give benefit when there are no treatments available for a disease or for when patients cannot afford them. We have seen throughout the years we have been in operation how people are thankful for being provided with opportunities like participating in clinical trials.
  2. More experience in new treatment options for healthcare professionals. We have seen quite an interest in doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, a growing interest for having more knowledge in mechanisms of action of new molecules and how they work to treat a specific disease. This knowledge lets them be more prepared so that when the treatments get their marketing approval, they already know what to face in terms of secondary effects, dosing, administration, etc.
  3. Support. A patient who participates in a clinical trial usually feels all the support from the staff, from the principal investigator to the study nurse. The patient feels protection and feels he is being listened to. All the details the patient tells us about his or her life and health, are paid attention to. Patients value this companionship and is something that in these days is very much needed.

We are glad to be part of a great team in Althian where we get to see all of these benefits from conducting clinical trials. We become even more joyous when treatments get their approval and we see them on market, so they can be available by everyone who needs them. We continue to work towards a better future in healthcare and towards having more treatment options for patients.