Althian: a top 5 best recruiter worldwide

Althian Clinical Research is currently participating in a phase IIb clinical trial for Guerbet Pharmaceuticals. This study has been challenging for the entire Althian team in terms of adherence to the protocol and patient recruitment, but very gratifying to know that by reaching the worldwide recruitment goal, our site ranks among the top 5 recruiters.

Althian is proud to be among the top 5 best recruiters between 40 different sites located in more than 5 high-level countries, such as Hungary, United Stated, Korea, Italy, Poland, Belgium and Czech Republic. We are pleased to offer our sponsors excellence in patient’s recruitment and not only to meet a goal set at the beginning of the study, but to be able to go beyond our goals and compete with the best clinical sites around the world.

Undoubtedly, these achievements are thanks to the great effort of all the Althian team that is in constant communication with our network of investigators and physicians in Monterrey and surrounding areas, but also making us sure to meet the inclusion and exclusion criteria to have the lowest amount of screen failures and leading most subjects to a good term in the study.

For more information about our recruitment strategies, please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to assist you and running your next trial at Althian.