For all regulatory procedures and to ensure protection of the rights, safety and wellbeing of human subjects involved in our research projects, we have enlisted the cooperation of an Independent Ethics Committee with excellent response times.  It is registered and certified by the Mexican Health Authorities and by the Office of Human Research Protection in the United States. With this service, we assure that all the trials conducted by Althian are supported under the best ethics and scientific surveillance programs that we can find in our country according to the demands of our trial sponsor companies.

We wish always to conduct ourselves in a manner that allows for standardized operations with predictable outcomes formulated through a commitment to best practices and operations which will be continuously monitored in-house and improved quickly and responsibly to new standards, new science and new feedback for our trials. As a research center, we want to always be moving forward, always meeting the standards that will fulfill the needs of our customers and patients.

In terms of our patients, we wish to always treat them with the highest respect, warmth and humanity, putting their interest first, with understanding and empathy for their specific situations and needs. We want them to know, from the outset, that we intend to always be honest with them in terms of their health and their treatment. We want them to know that their needs come first and when they do, they will be comfortable as part of the family center.

In terms of our sponsors and CROs, we want them to always be able to rely on the fact that the data they receive will be transmitted to them with 100% reliability and integrity. They should always feel always that our staff wishes to be in perfect communication with them and will collaborate with them fully on each trial based on their actual needs and agreed-upon timelines.

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