The Alliance

From the beginning, at Althian we knew that Mexico was clearly positioning itself as a hub for clinical research on a variety of medical specialties from oncology to endocrinology, from hepatology to cardiology, etc. But, although for many potential clients, this was a great advantage, there was also a clear downside.
The problem has certainly not been the relative abundance of research sites and PIs for Phase II, III and IV trials. Rather, it was the inconvenience of dealing with a large variety of companies, each handling compliance and regulatory matters in a slightly different way.  To address these needs of Sponsors and CROs, the leaders in Althian helped develop the Clinical Research Alliance of Mexico, which has brought together the best research sites in the country into one unified alliance, focusing on delivering high quality research services through standardization.
The Alliance, a one-stop clinical research organization located in Mexico City, offers Sponsors an answer to all regulatory and compliance affairs, including drug importation and storage services, for the expedient and successful conducting of clinical trials through its specialized office in Mexico City. Indeed, never has there been a comprehensive solution for Sponsors and CROs around the world that want to conduct studies in Mexico. With the most efficient IRB (Independent Review Board) in the country and the most talented team specialized in government regulations, the Alliance will speed up the regulatory process considerably making it easier for Sponsors to start their projects on time and free from hassle.

By having joined forces in a national network, the Alliance will offer the most comprehensive directory of clinical research sites as well as maintaining  the biggest and most diverse private database of patients in Mexico in almost every therapeutic area, and now, with the new certification program our sites will not only continue to run successful clinical trials, but will do so in a way that will satisfy the Sponsors’ appetite for efficient, streamlined service.

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