Our goal is to escalate the integrity and value of medical research in Northern Mexico and, in that manner, to provide an exemplary platform for sponsors and CROs, on both a national and international basis.  Through our diligence and hard work, we wish to change the public image of clinical research in Mexico so that prospective sponsors and CROs will look at our country and our specific service as meeting the highest criteria for clinical trials available in the world today. We want to make sure that all relevant information and data reach the sponsors in an accurate, timely manner in full compliance with the ethical and regulatory considerations needed to achieve the widest possible international recognition for excellence in research.

With that in mind, when we perform clinical trials in various important therapeutic areas we want patients who come here to know that, as an appropriately insured clinical research center we are fully conforming to the expected protocols for an internationally recognized company, having in place the quality systems that tangibly illustrate the value and respect we have for our patients. We want them to know that before, during and after the trials, we are protecting them in every way possible- and that all through their relationship with us, they will feel exquisitely cared for, comfortable with their interest fully accounted for.

The directors of Althian feel that the cornerstone of any successful business relationship is effective communication and swift responsiveness to your needs and results. It is for that reason that Althian offers compliance and regulatory help to speed up paperwork and jump-start clinical trials in a manner consistent with that promise

As an effective clinical research center, we have always understood the importance of patient recruitment. Our goal is to achieve the highest possible recruitment goals and although we have already received recognition for our efforts in this area, we are determined to continue to surpass the levels we have already achieved. This is one more way we can contribute to the global advancement of safe and effective drug therapies and other core methodologies for curing disease through medical science.

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