About Us

Althian Clinical Research was founded in 2008 in Mexico, by a group of visionaries with more than ten years of experience working in the medical field in Monterrey.  Owing to their profound understanding of the medical marketplace and their fortunate past liaisons with some of the true leaders of medical research, they identified the need and the value for developing a high-level research management center in Monterrey City. They envisioned an organization that would truly facilitate the efforts of CROs and sponsors to run clinical trials in Mexico on an unparalleled level of efficiency and competence.

It is with this kind of inspired leadership that we at Althian have come to know and understand how to successfully run clinical research trials in northern Mexico. This in-depth grasp of the economic, medical and logistical value of the area makes it possible for us to individualize each trial and adapt our resources according to the needs and requirements of our sponsors.  In most cases, we build a team with some of the best diagnostic and clinical talent in Monterrey in order to achieve the objective of a specific clinical trial.  As such, we are a dedicated research center, specializing in conducting phase I, II, III and IV trials in multiple medical areas and subspecialties.  We have the finest experience working with oncology, neurology, cardiology, pneumology, gastroenterology, endocrinology and metabolic disorders clinical trials.

At this point, we have accumulated valuable experience in working directly with several pharmaceutical companies, as well as with CROs.  With all these years in conducting clinical trials, our research physicians are knowledgeable of good clinical practices and are well versed in conducting high quality clinical research while adhering to sponsor goals and deadlines.  Our company is knowledgeable about the medical and health services area in Monterrey, as well as having a deep knowledge of Mexico’s northern population. This makes it possible for us to tailor each project according to the needs of our sponsors.

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